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I made a purchase. How can I receive the purchased product?

You will receive an email with a link to download the purchased product.

I did not receive an email with a download link.

Please check the spam folder. Sometimes there may be a delay of up to several hours. If after 24 hours you did not receive the email, please contact us at sales@neoalgorithm.com

What do I do if my software key is not working?

Try copying and pasting your key, rather than hand entering it. To do this, highlight the key with your mouse and select Copy. Please use CTRL+V to paste the key instead of right-clicking on the mouse. You will need to copy and paste the entire 35-character key (including the dashes). If there is one character missing it won't work. All letters do need to be capitalized, and dashes must be included. If you continue to experience trouble, please contact us at support@neoalgorithm.com

Can I install my license on more than one machine?

Your single license can be installed on up to two machines, for example you can install your license on both a desktop and a laptop, a work computer and a home computer, etc. As long as you are the only user, and you're not using both computers at the same time, this is a valid use of your license.

Can I change my computer after I bought your product and still use the license?

Yes, you can, just uninstall the license file from the previous machine.

I have a working license which doesn’t work anymore. Why?

You may have accidentally deleted the license file or you have changed something in your network card settings. Reinstalling the tool may fix this problem.

I bought your product some time ago, how can I get the latest version?

If no more than 90 days have passed since the purchase of the previous version of the product, the update is free. Any minor updates released for your initial purchased version are free. If you own an older release and would like to upgrade to the most current version, you can buy it at our special upgrade price.

How can I reinstall my product that I have already purchased?

To reinstall the product you have already purchased, you would use the same download link and license key provided on your emailed receipt.

Can I ask you to add or modify a feature in your product?

Feel free to ask us anything. You can report a bug or you can offer new features and modifications. We will definitely consider your suggestions in our future updates.

How do I get technical support for my product?

If you need help with your product, please contact us at support@neoalgorithm.com

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